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Mission & Scope

Kanzuliman Research Publication


Kanzuliman Academic International Journal On Razawiyât (KAIJOR) 

Our Mission is to inculcate the spirit of Research among the youth. Redressing the present desperate conditions and rejuvenating the past glory of mankind in the field of research. Through the journal we aim to establish a congregation of intellectuals and thinkers who can tackle the modern day problems, especially the declining moral, ethical and humanitarian values in the world.
Research and Development is based on empirical, pragmatic, statistical and matter-of-fact of fact analysis of data and information to deduce concrete results which are universally accepted and appreciated. We target to achieve this by instilling an analytical approach in the literate masses to help them achieve actual objectives.
Imam Ahmad Raza
(may Allah sanctify his secret) he was an Islamic scholar as well as an acknowledged scientist who believed in the empirical analysis of data rather than making emotionally charged statements, his verdicts contain great deal of details and a plethora of evidences aiding his cause.

Our mission us to spread this approach in every nook and corner of the world so that modern scholarly scientists are born who can reconcile between the leading-edge technology and the antique traditions.



The Journal invites research papers on following relevant topics

  • A Sufi path of the fourteenth century – Barelwis: the Sufi ideology of Imam Ahmad Raza Khan.
  • Imam Ahmad Raza Khan, A Revivalist : His acclaim from Delhi to Mecca and Medina.
  • Imam Ahmad Raza Khan and his expertise Arabic and Persian Poetry
  • Comparative Study on the Traditional and Modern versions of Islam.
  • Razawiyāt – a platform to unite the Believers of the True Faith.
  • Relation & Friendship of Shahji Miyan with Imam Ahmad Raza Khan.
  • Sects Within the Ahlus Sunnah Hanafis : The Case Study of Deobandi–Barelvi Conflict in India.
  • Comparative Study on the working methodologies of Sheikh Ahmad Sarhindi and Imam Ahmad Raza Khan.
  • The Seal of Modern Science on the Islamic decree of Imam Ahmad Raza and Imam Mustafa Raza Khan on Television and Mic.
  • Android & Windows Software development for the Qur’anic Pronunciation error detection.
  • A technical report on finding the location of Sunni Mosques based on IT & Google Maps for Congregational Prayers.
  • Poetry of Raza’s family: Odes for his eminence The Prophet ﷺ
  • Indian Sufism in the Twentieth Century.
  • Literature and Empire of the Muslims in Rohilkhand and impact of Ala Hazrat’s writings.
  • Influence of Imam Ahmad Raza in Worldwide reseaches, especially in the works of contemporary scholars.
  • Research on Islamıc Busıness Ethics and Currency on the foot Prints of Imam Ahmad Raza Khan.
  • Islamıc Banking according to Imam Ahmad Raza Khan.
  • Analysis of Ala Hazrat: A Chemical approach on Water Testing to determine its odor and color.
  • A Chemical approach of Soil Testing exploring 80 Natures of Soil Imam Ahmad Raza’s endeavor.
  • Scientific findings on the color of water and the analysis in Fatwa Razawiyya.
  • Michelson Morley Experiment and similar findings serving as evidences for Fauz-e-Mubeen Dar Radd-e-Harkat-e-Zameen.
  • Philosophical, Oriental & Evolutional aspects of the Ideologies of Sufi Saints.
  • Other related topics.


  • Qur’an, Hadith, Fiqh, Usool ul Fiqh, Usool ul Hadith, Rhetoric, Qur’anic eloquence.
  • Islam & Human Values.
  • Literature & True Sufism.
  • Footprints & Biographies of Saints.
  • Islamic Education.
  • Islamic Management Science.

 Any other related area or topic pertaining to related issues may be considered as per the theme of the Journal.

Historical Background of KAIJOR (in Urdu)

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