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Kanzuliman Research Publication

TitleLiterary Beauty and Uniqueness of Imam Barelvi’s Kanzuliman: A Reading on Aesthetics, Authenticity and Sufi Tradition
AuthorMuhammed Aslam PN
InstituteJamia Markaz, Calicut, India
Area of StudySunnism, Islamic Studies, Razwiyat
Urdu language
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Interpretations and commentaries of the exegetes have been adequately provided for the better understanding of the sacred texts. Therefore, an innumerate amount of writings and pioneering literary works are very important in the new world order, where a significant amount of misinterpretations have been applied to legitimate terrorism in the name of Islam. In the course of Islamic history, the contribution of variety factions who were internalized in the Islamic world has left a most tragic picture of misinterpreted Qur'anic verses, in a brutal way. The Qura’nic Thafseer embedded in Kanzuliman’s translation of Hazrat Imam Raza khan, the renowned Islamic revivalist of the 14th century, has imparted an authentic and credible commentary of the holy texts, while presenting it in an impure ambience. This widely accepted Urdu translation titled 'Kanzuliman' has succeeded with greatest regard in resolving the aforesaid obstacles in the way we explain the Quran, with a unique demonstration of its Sufi inner meanings. In this paper, I will tend to underscore the artistic elevation of Hazrat Imam Barelvi's Kanzuliman, one of the most explanatory translations for the Quran available in Urdu language, providing a clear-cut sketch of its literary prominence and superiority. And in particular, I would like to chart its uniqueness and attributes in receiving a good ground amongst the north Indian Sunni Muslims.

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