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Kanzuliman Smart MiC: An innovative Ultimate tool to legitimate loud speaker during Salaah without disturbing the Islamic Decree

Kanzuliman Research Publication

Authored by Er. Waquar Hussain
Affiliation Scholar, SRMS College Bareilly
Article InfoReceived: 29 October 18
Revised: 01 Nov 18
Accepted: 02 Nov 18
Edited byEr. Mohammad Yasir Raza
KeywordsEngineering, Audio Signal, Real voice, Islamic Decree
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           Today technology plays a very important role in every area to practice it as per requirement without disturbing our foundations. Similarly without disturbing or crossing any rule of shariah as per given by the true muballig of maslak e Aaalahazrat we can use this electronic technology of switching on & off. As per Islamic Jurywritten on the title page of our reputed Decree on this topic “That use of MiC is unlawful during namaz due to takbeerat” & obviously recitation of holy verses of Quran is not the part of it. KanzulIman Smart MiC is a Project which is proposed for Tilawat during Namaz without ignoring the sunnah of takbeerat. This mic will neither allow any voice except tilawat nor any detestation during Namaz. This technology will help for implementation with sunnah of mukabbireen with High quality tilawat or Qirat over mic after the written permission of authentic ulamas. For detailed explanation of this islamic issue read the related books at our digital library section. This MiC can be installed over the MiC practicing mosques as per the direction of Islamic chief justice. Surely this will especially beneficial for recitation of Quran in Ramazan During salaah. Also the paper is a better attempt to practice some advance technologies in madaris and masajids so that we can provide familiar ease to people who are studying, living & offering salaah under the authentic decrees given by ulama e haq.

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