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Contribution of Kanzul Iman in Qura’nic Translation and Interpretation

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Article InfoReceived: 29 October 18
Revised: 01 November 18
Accepted: 02 November 18
Edited byProf. Dilawar Khan
KeywordsISIS Sunni, Sufi, Razawi, Qura’nic, Tafseer
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Imam Ahmad Raza popularly known as AlaHazrat (born in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh in North India) is said to have been one of the great Sufi-Sunni revivers of Islam, the jurist belonging to Hanafi school of thought. Let alone Muslim academicians, even non-Muslim Researchers have counted more than fifty branches of Knowledge in his academic account. (See “Ahmad Raza Khan Barelwi: In the Path of the Prophet” by Dr. UshaSanyal PhD Colombo University, Oxford University, Press, New Delhi). The great poet of the East, Dr. AllamaIqbal, remarked, “Such a genius and intelligent jurist did not emerge”. Among his Sufi-Sunni followers, Alahazrat is remembered as a lover kindling the hearts of others with the flame of true love for Allah Almighty and his beloved prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Far from rumours about him, an unbiased academic study at his contributions has brought me to embrace his researched treatises produced in the last century, on scholarly Islamic and rational grounds, which also deter the Sunni-Sufi Muslims from being deluded by the current violent jihadist narratives. As a result, we have witnessed more than a million of people including clerics condemning ideologies of the terrorist organizations like Taliban, ISIS, Al-qaeda etc at annual Urs-e-Alahazrat, (December 19, 2014). The Times of India reports it “On the last day of annual Urs-e-Razwi of Imam Ahmed Raza, Muslim clerics condemned the terrorism practiced by the Taliban, and the orthodoxy of the Wahhabi sect. The clerics said the world should come together to protest the killing of innocent people in the name of Islam. Ulemas should launch a campaign against the Taliban and the Wahhabis, said clerics, cheered by a large number of people at the Islamia ground” in Bareilly.

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