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An analytical approach to discover the pearls in the sermons of Imam Ahmad Raza

Kanzuliman Research Publication

Authored by Dr. Md. Imran Qureshi
AffiliationMadrid University, Spain
Article InfoReceived: 16 April 18
Revised: 30 October 18
Accepted: 01 November 18
Edited byDr. Mohammad Abid
KeywordsRazawi sermons, miraculous statement, Khutbat e Razwiah, Arabic language, Rhetorical syntax
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This article will discuss the introductory paragraphs by Ala hazrat to prove the relevance of any particular prefixed paragraph to that book or paper. It will also discuss the syntax, rhetorical aspects and how the text of sermon refers or explains the holy Quran and Hadith. This a collection of the introductory paragraphs from books such as Kowkab Shahabiah, Hussam ul Haramain and Khutbat e Razwiyah. This paper will be divided into three sub themes. One will be dedicated to discuss the rhetoric, language and
syntax. Second will focus on its meanings and roots to primary sources. Third one will prove the relevance of the particular introduction to that work. So, the paper will discuss the unparalleled linguistic excellence
of a none native in Arabic language.

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