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Survey on Economy & Education of Indian Muslim as per guidelines of Imam Ahmad Raza (R.A.)

Kanzuliman Research Publication

Affiliation Integral University, Lucknow
Article InfoReceived: 22 October 18
Revised: 23 October 18
Accepted: 02 November 18
Edited byFardeen
KeywordsImam Ahmad Raza, NGO, critical need,
Economical, Sunni Islam, Literature Survey
Sachhar Committee
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Without a doubt, it can be necessarily proclaimed that traditional books of economics have remained ineffective at shedding light on the agenda of this research. This research establishes the ground to make a serious attempt
to present the current status of Islamic economy & education collected from various researches, news reports & surveys in India by various GOs, NGOs and media along with we present here important economic theory for its improvement as a guideline.
This research presents four economic theories to further develop not only Islamic economy but also Islamic education. Before this the paper exhibits the current status of economy and education of Indian Muslims. This research paper, in conclusion, presents a ten point program structure for the development of Islamic education.

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