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Welcome to KAIJOR! Kanzuliman Academic International Journal on Razawiyāt, is a unique kind of an academic journal that views issues, agendas and knowledge with the lens of Razawiyât. We aim to aid the world of research and development with knowledge that ushers a wave of reception of the work undertaken by Aalahazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Fazil-e-Barelvi Alaihir’rahma. At KAIJOR we ensure the creation of an arena that supplements the knowledge world with a high grade quality of publication of peer reviewed and refereed international journals from diverse fields. KAIJOR’s major objectives are to establish a platform for keen researchers, learned academicians, professional, practitioners and students to generate and create knowledge in the form of well-articulated, quality wise empirical and theoretical research papers, case studies, literature reviews and book reviews.

Journal Description

Kanzuliman Research Publication Team presents  Kanzuliman Academic International Journal on Razawiyât (KAIJOR) I  Online: ISSN: (Applied)  I as a Multilingual & Peer Reviewed International Journal publishing per year in Electronic form (E-Journal) & Hard Print (P-Journal). KAIJOR publishes original articles, Research Contribution, Technical Reports and Survey. It is an unparalleled resource for key advances in the field of Islam & Razawiyat. The journals aim to publish a broad range of open access Islamic Journal ‘KAIJOR’ on the subject of Razawiyāt, eminent editorials from throughout the world, fast online submission, rapid publication, high visibility, expert peer-reviewed research that will serve to create an innovative & constructive platform for information and will enlighten the world with the true message of Sufism & Islamic facts as highlighted by Aalahazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan in his writings, ideas and ideology towards Islam based upon the early traditions globally known as Sufism popular with the name Barelwism in the Indian sub-continent.


Kanzuliman Publication Team is delighted to announce Call for Multi-Lingual Research/ Review Papers & Short Communications for the first issue of Kanzuliman Academic International Journal on Razawiyât (KAIJOR) I  Online: ISSN: (Applied)  I  in English, Hindi, Urdu, Persian & Arabic Language. Submit online at or e-mail:| Research Helpline: +91 9506215324 / 8840593363 KANZULIMAN Online Publication invites you to submit your work on the subject of Razawiyāt in the form of research, reports, review articles, technical briefs,  thesis report or a case study in the relevant research area of the Journal which is Razawiyāt. Authors are also invited to share their work, Kanzuliman Publication will take care to get these works published in the kind interest of the development of Razawiyāt. Initial Submission (STAGE FIRST): Open Round the Year (Online or Offline) Submit Online: Online Only (Click here) Submit Offline: Final Submission (STAGE TWO): Confirmation of All formalities (Pending/Non-Pending) Checklist  through intimation email or Personal Phone Call (Open for December only) Accepted Languages: English,  Hindi, Urdu, Persian, Arabic Publication frequency:  Single Volume per Year (Containing Language wise 5 issue).

Why Publish with KAIJOR?

  • Full Support during article writing
  • Books Available as per Requirement (Soft Copy only)
  • No publication charges
  • Peer review journal
  • Multi Lingual Journal
  • Indexed by major indexing services
  • Open access journal for promotion
  • No processing charges
  • Easy submission process
  • Annual publication
  • E-certificate on demand by author
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