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Kanzuliman Academic International Journal on Razawiyāt (KAIJOR)
world's first academic research journal on the subject of Razawiyāt

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At Kanzuliman Foundation we ensure the creation of an arena that supplements the knowledge world with a high grade quality of publication of peer reviewed and refereed international journal from diverse fields. The major objectives of our reasearch divi are to establish a platform for keen researchers, learned academicians, professional, practitioners and students to generate and create knowledge in the form of well-articulated, quality wise empirical and theoretical research papers, case studies, literature reviews and book reviews.

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World’s first academic research journal on the subject of Razawiyāt –Kanzuliman Academic International Journal on Razawiyāt

Razawiyāt – a field of study that deals with the research and development on Sunni Islam in the light of ideas, ideology and writings of Aalahazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Fazil-e-Barelvi رَضِيَ ٱللّٰهُ عَنْهُ‎. Garnering academic excellence in the field of Razawiyāt, Kanzuliman Foundation has set up world’s first research library on this subject. We invite students, academic scholars and industry professionals to collaborate with our research team for projects on Razawiyāt.

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Kanzuliman Publication team is delighted to announce call for multi-lingual research/ review papers & short communications for the first issue of Kanzuliman Academic International Journal on Razawiyāt (KAIJOR) I Online: ISSN: (Applied)

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To support the global academic community with authentic content, literature, and research material Kanzuliman research brings you an open access online & offline research library at our HQ.

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Research papers, Phd thesis, periodicals & journals

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Scholars, academicians, professionals and students

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Access to library is open for individuals with genuine case requests.


Garnering academic excellence we invite scholars, academicians, professionals and students to our annual academic conference on Razawiyāt

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Our research activities are highly standard in nature and goverened by the rules of academic publication standards


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Over the span of years since we started this academic initiative, there have been significant progress. Here’s a glimpse of our academic achivements in the field of Razawiyāt


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