A Review of Political Services of Maulana Ahmad Reza Khan Barelvi & Other Sunni Scholars of the Sub-Continent

Affiliation GC University, Lahore
Article InfoReceived: 16 April 18
Revised: 04 October 18
Accepted: 02 November 18
Edited byEr. Mohammad Abbas
KeywordsISIS, Sunni, Sufi, Razawi, Qura’nic, Wahabi, Clerics,
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DOI 10.6084/m9.figshare.9211559


Ulama & Islamic scholar are the most important figures for the entire Muslim society. In the Indian sub-continent, their influence has transcended the socio-religious realm to include the political realm as well. This paper is an attempt to examine the role of the Molana Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi, his Students, & other sunni scholars in Sub Continent politics. It also seeks to build a trajectory of their future influence in India & Pakistani politics. There are four parts to the paper. The first part will examine the historical role of the Molana Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi in the Indian sub-continent. The second part will examine his politics in the period between 1857 to 1921.The third part will highlight the Sunni ulama to start seriously contesting for political power. Lastly, the paper will look at how the Sunni ulama were again to play an important role in India & Pakistani politics.

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