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Physico-Chemical Classification of Soil through fatawa Razvia: A Chemical Approach

Kanzuliman Research Publication

Authored by ER. KASHIF RAZA
AffiliationIntegral University, Lucknow
Article InfoReceived: 29 October 18
Revised: 01 November 18
Accepted: 02 November 18
Edited bySabreen taj Razviya
KeywordsElectrical Conductivity(EC), Soil Samples, pH, Short Tendom Repeat (STR), Dry Ablution, Fatawa Razavia, Clerics
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The natural environment was clean, but due to multifarious activities of human, it gets polluted resulting environmental pollution. In this study it was preferred to investigate the soil samples for some parameters
through Physico-chemical analysis. 25 samples were obtained to test and analyzed for its all chemical & biological impurities as described to verify the no of impure soil for dry abolition described by Aalahazrat
in Fatawa Razvia during the explanation of Islamic issue/decree. It is understood that this examination of impurity is just based its harmfulness on skin. As per Chemical Testing & Result by Chemistry Laboratory our study is processed through Physico-Chemical study. Under which various things like alkalinity content, chloride, sulphate, pH, sodium,
potassium, Electrical Conductivity (EC), Total Organic Carbon, Available Nitrogen (N), Available Phosphorus (P2O5), available Potassium (K2O) etc are examined.
This case study conducted over the Integral University Campus, Vill. Gurri Dist. Shahjahnpur & nearby areas lead to the conclusion of presence of 130 types impurities of soil which is generally evident for impurities found over the whole earth. Soil sampling is the most initial step for any soil Analysis. As a very small fraction of the huge soil mass is used for analysis. This information from soil analysis is favorable for farmers to detect the soil productivity, fraction or amount of nutrients, impurities present and to improve the quality of soil by determining the amount of fertilizers to be added to improve its quality index and to make production economic. Conclusively through this study presence of 130 types of impurities in soil is affirmed, which matches with the 130 types of soil elements which is impure for dry ablution in Islam as discussed by Aala Hazrat (May Allah be pleased with him) in Fatwa Razviya

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