Academic Publication Control

For Volume-1 & 2

No of Papers Submitted =95

No of papers Rejected = 68

No of papers Accepted = 27

(15 Published + 13 Unpublished)

Academic publishing always enhance the scholars for quality writings in which they put their research study in front of all academic world. Mostly academic works such as articles, Research papers, thesis, technical reports, surveys etc) published in academic journals.

Most scientific and scholarly journals are based on some form of peer review or editorial refereeing to qualify texts for publication. Peer review quality and selectivity standards vary greatly from journal to journal, publisher to publisher, and field to field.

Most established academic disciplines have their own journals and other outlets for publication, although many academic journals are somewhat interdisciplinary, and publish work from several distinct fields or subfields. Similarly our journal is based on newly stablished academic disciplines i.e. Razawiyât inspite of it some other similar interdisciplinary work from several distinct field of sunni & sufi islam, may also be included in it.

For proper academic publishing control we strictly follow the peer rewiew process for each and every content of all research papers. So the overall article process is controlled by the teams of experts.

Peer Review Process

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Article Processing Charges

No Article Submission Charges

No Article Processing Charges

No Article Publication Charges

We does not charges any Article Processing Fee or Publishing Fee from Candidate.
Similar to others, there is no paper, no mailing, no subscriptions, and no restriction against using and sharing articles published in our journals. But we do have to pay for maintaining published articles in online repositories such as DOI, Indexing, Website maintenance, Link Re-solvers, Website infrastructure, Research Paper editing etc through Volunteers Contribution only. In addition, articles need Designing, graphics, formatting, and the editing services we provide, in order to meet rigorous academic standards. Unlike any other open access publishing company, KAIJOR has paid employees/Volunteers.

All the above is solely Funded by Kanzuliman Research Team & Kanzuliman Foundation. It is for the above reasons that we have an option of donation.

Please contact with questions. Email addresses
Only Certification fee will required as per the demand of authors.
Print Journal Cost may be applicable as per the decision of Kanzuliman Research Team.
Note: Authors does not need to pay any APC or Publishing Fees requires for KAIJOR Publication.
How to get the Soft Copy / Hard copy of Published Papers?
1.    Soft Copy of candidate Article & Abstract Book are completely free for Authors.
2.    Hard copy of our Journal is given upon the payment confirmation by Research Team. (Only Paper Cost)
3.    You will get Confirmation email after payment verification within 2-3 days or you can download soft copy or can get Hard copy at your door step from Archive or KANZULIMAN Library.
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