Kanzuliman Publication Team is delighted to announce Call for Multi-Lingual Research/ Review Papers & Short Communications for the first issue of Kanzuliman Academic International Journal on Razawiyât (KAIJOR) I  Online: ISSN: (Applied)  I  in English, Hindi, Urdu, Persian & Arabic Language. Submit online at http://www.kanzuliman.org/our-publications/ or e-mail: kaiojr.kanzuliman@gmail.com | Research Helpline: +91 9506215324 / 8840593363

Mission & Scope

Kanzuliman Academic International Journal on Razawiyât (KAIJOR) is developed to promote the curious ideas of Ulama, Research scholars, Scientists, Professors, Doctors, and students, and professionals who are seeking academic opportunities for their research work towards Islam in the field of Razawiyāt away from all stagiest of falsehood.

What is Razawiyāt?

A field of study that deals with the research and development on Sunni Islam in the light of ideas, ideology, and writings of Aalahazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Fazil-e-Barelvi Alaihir’rahma.

The journals aim to publish a broad range of open access Islamic Journal ‘KAIJOR’ on the subject of Razawiyāt, eminent editorials from throughout the world, fast online submission, rapid publication, high visibility, expert peer-reviewed research that will serve to create an innovative & constructive platform for information and will enlighten the world with the true message of Sufism & Islamic facts as highlighted by Aalahazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan in his writings, ideas and ideology towards Islam based upon the early traditions globally known as Sufism popular with the name Barelwism in the Indian sub-continent.

KANZULIMAN Online Publication invites you to submit your work on the subject of Razawiyāt in the form of research, reports, review articles, technical briefs,  thesis report or a case study in the relevant research area of the Journal which is Razawiyāt. Authors are also invited to share their work, Kanzuliman Publication will take care to get these works published in the kind interest of the development of Razawiyāt.

The Journal invites research papers in following Relevant topics

  • A SUFI ITINERARY OF the fourteenth CENTURY – Barelwis: the Sufi ideology of Imam Ahmad Raza Khan
  • Imam Ahmad Raza Khan and his expertise Arabic and Persian Poetry
  • Comparative Study on THE TRADITIONAL AND THE MODERN vision of Islam
  • Razawiyāt – a platform to unite the believers of the true faith
  • Relation & Friendship of Shahji Miya with Imam Ahmad Raza Khan
  • Sects Within the AhlusSsunnah Hanafi: The Critical Case of Deobandi–Barelvi Encounter in India
  • Comparative Study on the working methodologies of Sheikh Ahmad Sirindi and Imam Ahmad Raza Khan
  • The Seal of Practical modern science on the Islamic decree of Imam Ahmad Raza and  Imam Mustafa Raza Khan on the Television and MiC.
  • Android & window software development for the Quran Pronunciation error detection working paper
  • A technical reports on finding the location of Sunni Mosques based on IT & Google Maps for Namaz Ba’Jamaat.
  • Indian Sufism in Twentieth Century.
  • Books and Empires of the Muslims in Rohilkhand and involvement of AlaHazrat’s writings.
  • Influence of Imam Ahmad Raza in abroad Research Article on the newcomers of AhlusSunnah path by People and Ulama
  • Research on Islamıc Busıness Ethics and Currency under the foot Prints of Imam Ahmad Raza Khan
  • Research on Islamıc Banking under the foot Prints of Imam Ahmad Raza Khan
  • Findings of Aalahazrat: A Chemical approach on Water Testing to determine the odor and its color.
  • A Chemical approach by Soil Testing exploring 80 Natures of Soil
  • Seal of Physical Science on Colour visibility of water: an optical approach: a study in Fatwa Razawiyya.
  • Michelson Morley Experiment and other Similar Research as a Seal Practical on Fauz-e-Mubeen Dar Radd-e-Harkat-e-Zameen
  • Philosophical, Orientation & evolutional expect of the Ideologies of Saints
  • Other related topics


  • Quran, Hadith, Ijma, Fiqh, Usool & Nazariya.
  • Islam & Human Values
  • Literature & True Sufism
  • Footprint & Biographies of Saints
  • Islamic Education
  • Islamic Management Science

 Any other related area or topic pertaining to any related issue may be considered as per the theme of the Journal